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Mitsubishi Sales Record Highest Print in 2011

October 7, 2014
PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) closed the year 2011 with a variety of record. Holder of Mitsubishi brand in Indonesia which is news celebrating its 125th anniversary this year 41-closing last year with sales of 134.416 units. This figure was the highest on record throughout the existence of Mitsubishi in Indonesia.
The figure went up 26.2% compared to the year 2010. Thus, Mitsubishi now controlled 15 percent of the automotive market in the country.
Mitsubishi's dominance in the segment of Commercial Vehicle ( CV )  Harga Honda Beat FI   and master the market of 48.1%. Colt Diesel retained the top spot with sales of 54.066 units. While 23.3% dominate the segment of Fuso medium truck sales thanks to 5.994 units.
In a segment of the Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV), three products Mitsubishi Colt L300, the Colt T120ss and Strada Triton managed to lead the rest. The Colt L300 record for highest market share during the 31 years that 70.6 per cent with sales 28.663 units. Colt T120ss in classes Pick Up the Mini Class sold 24.175 unit, doubled sales and Strada Triton 8.144 units.
As for the segment in the Passenger Car (PC), Mitsubishi recorded sales of as much as 13.360 units. This number is dominated Pajero Sport "All Round Family SUV" that maintains its position as market leader class SUV 4 × 4 with sales of 13.219 units.

Aqua, A New Toyota Prius Family Hatchback

September 26, 2014
Toyota Motor Corporation is finally open the mouth of reserved presence plan hybrid Toyota Prius hatchback version petite. Early last week Toyota car was officially introduced. In fact, the largest Harga Yamaha Xeon RC Biru  car manufacturer in the world it wil launch it in affirming the title Tokyo Motor Show 2011 which takes place 2 – December 11, upcoming.

"The Car in Japan named Aqua and the Prius C in the global market that began to be marketed in Japan in December and early 2012 in the world market," such a resounding statement of Toyota as reported .

The five-door Hatchback will be the new Member of the family in the Toyota Prius. That car will be the smallest variant d between existing variants.

Unfortunately, Toyota still has not Harga Yamaha R6 di Indonesia 2014 released many details of the car's specifications. The manufacturer mentions only, Aqua carrying 1,500 cc gasoline engine mated to an electric motor.
Conventional machines it is claimed is able to power up to 55kW menyeburkan at 4,800 rpm and torque of 111 Newton meters (Nm). As for the electric motor is called generate power up to 45 kW and torque 169Nm. "so that the total power hatchback that achieves 100 kW and torsinya reach the 280 Nm," sound of the statement.

The attraction offered that car is keiritannya in consuming fuel (BBM). Toyota claimed to be done, the results showed that only car FUEL consumption 4.7 litres for 100 kilometres or 1: 21,28 kilometers in the streets of the city are jammed.

In addition, small car hybrid that also will be equiped with bluetooth handsfree connection, audio control device placed on the periphery of the wheel, as well as nine airbags. In fact, Toyota promised to install multimedia device most later his results, that is the car's Entune.

Earlier, the Nikkei and Reuters wrote, named Aqua hybrid that would be the most efficient universal car. FUEL consumption on the streets could reach the local highway for a distance of 30 – 40 km.

White and silver Still Favorite Car Color

September 26, 2014
White and silver color into the color trend car in 2010 continues this until 2011. In fact, the research found if seniah tendency of consumers choose the Harga Yamaha Mio Fino FI  second Saat Ini  color in the last 11 months of this year is on the rise.

Du Pont, the chemical company and the famous United States energy company based in Wilmington, Delaware, show car sales berkelir white and silver throughout the 11 months of 2011 reaches 22 percent.

"The color white, Pearl White and silver, as long as it has a history as the most popular. This year, the most popular color was back with the larger portion, "said Nancy Lockhart, product Harga Yamaha New Vixion Full Fairing marketing manager for Du Pont dye was quoted as saying.

Results of research about the choice car of the screen titled ' the DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report 2011 ' car portion of the show, white, Pearl White and silver reached 22 percent. The screen's most loved consumer in Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Korea, China, and other Asian countries.

Other colors that occupies the second place as a car buyer's favorite color in the world is black and the black color of the derivative. The color portion of the total car color choices throughout the universe, it is 20 percent.

After the second color that followed grey 13 percent, 7 percent red, blue 6 percent, as well as a brown or beige 5 percent. As for the screen is green, yellow or gold, respectively 2 and 1 percent, the remaining 2 per cent for other colours.

Lockhartmenyebut for 11 months in 2011, rising demand and the largest silver-white color occurs in the region of North America. The amount reaching 4 percent.

Yamaha X-Ride The Conquered Terrain Offroad Cikole

August 17, 2014
CIKOLE Yamaha X-Ride is the only scooter matic with high ground clearence similar mounts off road. Since the first released Yamaha Motor Harga Kawasaki Ninja Z1000 Model baru 2014 Manufacturing Indonesia (YIMM) 2013 then, Yamaha X-Ride gets good reception from Indonesia society. Not only to drive everyday, many also modifies motor became the "scratch your land" or the motorcycle off road.

Yamaha not only have racing road race around the track ramps, but offer different other Championships. With motor matic offroad style, Harga Yamaha R25 dan R15 Indonesia presents racing off road X-Race, the Yamaha X-Ride Adventure Challenge to accommodate the interest of its users.
Continue the successful X-Race I held mid last year. This time the forested mountains Cikole, Lembang, Bandung, West Java was chosen so the location test intrepid bikers the guts. The area is located just below Mount Tangkuban Perahu offers a different challenge in the appeal of the previous round.

"It's as proof that not only sells YIMM motor and thought of after sales only. But it also hosts the X-Ride users are fond of adventure. I am personally shocked by the development, many of the participants are already changing the X-Ride him be very feasible to do off road. Though of course there are still limitations, because the Yamaha X-Ride design not for pure off road, "said Eko Prabowo as GM Marketing Communication and Community Development Yamaha Indonesia.
In the future we will prepare for the next round of the time and place is still tentative. The input of the participants we can hold the next Race to X more fun again, "he added.

For two days, the participants presented the sensation of driving among the towering pine trees, as well as prove agility Yamaha X-Ride in the maneuver. Other obstacles include incline and derivatives that require extreme skill to prevailed. Interestingly, for X-Race II, this time there was a mobile unit doorprize Daihatsu Gran Max and Yamaha X-Ride for a champion in each class.

Inspiration KTM Duke, Make N15

August 17, 2014
Modification Yamaha vixion this 2009 alerts Harga dan Spesifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono Terbaru  appear more dancing and unlike other Vixion rows. To make this motor appeared as it is now, the owner usually called Sam Erwin is inspired from the KTM Duke 600 cc.

"If it's about inspiration, from KTM Duke 600cc however for exact type already forgot" says Erwin.

Upholds the concept of street fighter, the work done by the owner Harga Honda CB150R Fairing Ninja at the same time this modifikator. About the time the work was regularly, adjusting with the availability of the part that follows the condition of the wallet.

"All the work himself, except for a few sections that don't have the Prod itself, so it needs to be brought to the workshop. And if time never be sure, there are important part Yes, installed "imbuh Erwin.

Then regarding some parts embedded on this bike is pretty much following a row, part which is already attached to a modified Yamaha Vixion who called, ' N15 '

The Original Ninja 250 Armoured fz16

August 17, 2014
Display of Yamaha Fz16 changed drastically after the pinned body modifikator Kawasaki Ninja 250R is, his form so the more sporty and muscular. The impression of naked motorcycles Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX 2014 135cc Terbaru motorbike this seeming invisible altogether.

The owner, Zsuekhcry Rhya was deliberately  Harga Honda Spacy Terbaru di Wilayah Jawa timur changed the sports concept with motornya. To realize the motor modifications are desirable he was pinned full body fairing original Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

"A Full set of original Ninja 250R front fairing, rear body full set of original Ninja 250R and the speedometer is also original Ninja 250R. For the other part, Supplement, "wrote Rhya Yamaha Fz16 Modification group at.
About the cost and it's changes in motor repair shop, Zsuekhcry issued a cost of approximately USD $ 17 millions and surgical process done at Lamborghini motorcycle Yumna Motor, Pariaman, West Sumatra. As for the time the work was more or less finalized over the last three weeks.

Then to the specs in the details are pretty much following a row, part embedded in a Yamaha Fz16 changes are reviewed in a previous article.

Yamaha Had the biggest Dealers in Medan

August 17, 2014
Yamaha Had the biggest Dealers in Medan
Yamaha Indonesia presents a large showroom in parts of North Sumatra. Yamaha outlets that was Harga Honda Blade 125 Kredit Murah  established riders Valentino Rossi, the world in 2010 is located at Jalan H Adam Malik Medan No. 34.

"Presenting the concept of the showroom is quite different and unique, the showroom is in Harga Honda Megapro FI Baru di  Jawa Tengah this Field is the largest in Indonesia," said Joni Lie, Manager of Motorsports and Promotion Division of PT Alfa Scorpii.

Joni Lie mentions, in 2010, while visiting and greet fans in Medan, racing driver nicknamed The Doctor the opportunity to inaugurate a central workshop and the Yamaha Showrom Racing Team Yamaha, which also provides service to the communities of Medan. Rossi after trying the internet in Central Yamaha, admiring the workshop facilities available at the workshop.
"It is remarkable that there are facilities in this workshop. Here there is a network of internet, television monitors, a cafe, and other supporting facilities. With facilities such as this should have been the drivers can perform optimally, "said Joni Lie, citing comments Rossi.

Valentino Rossi opened the workshop is the largest and one of the most comprehensive in Indonesia. The waiting room features a television monitor connected directly with the workspace mechanic, so consumers who use Yamaha technicians can see what is done to his motorcycle mechanic.

"All the facilities available to make the consumer feel comfortable while doing his motorcycle servicing," said Joni Lie.

Room available in spacious enough indeed Central Yamaha. Consumers are spoilt for choice with a variety of facilities in this showroom. As for some of the facilities listed here is a cafe, library, doorsmeer, internet services, service counters, the consultation and information section. On any part of the service consumers will be served by friendly staff in a Yamaha located at each counter.

Test Yamaha YZF-R15, gradations of Flavor from the zero point Indonesia

August 17, 2014
Test this time was not unusual. Rather than simply place Spesifikasi dan Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Terbaru di Indonesia outside of Java, but also because it started in Sabang, where the zero point is the end of kilometers or Indonesia.

There is a sense that memercik-mercik also a Scorpion realize that Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Terbaru Agustus 2014 deliberately chose this place to start, and ends at Lake Toba, on May 20, which is the day of national revival.

What's more, we, consisting of 20 riders, sitting on top of the Yamaha YZF-R15, motor sport created in the country, made in Indonesia. In short, tucked a little sentimental sense of nationalism will be in this test.

Hodgepodge flavor.
Start of the Aceh Tsunami Museum trip will begin with Banda Aceh route Meulaboh, which is approximately 300 km.

Her own 1,200 km. After Meulaboh, otosia and others are through Blangpidie or Blang Pidie, Tapaktuan, Sabussalam, Parapat, Kabanjahe, Sidikilang aka Trike South of Sumatra, a favorite route for touring.

The first stage, the Banda Aceh Meulaboh, we deem reasonably represent overall for reviewing how the real capabilities of R15. Favorites? How does. The asphalt path stretching is still quite smooth. Meanwhile, the gradations of flavor will appear because after the track straight, we could suddenly struck with the U bend, U even more crooked again.
Any mixed feelings stir because in the midst of the battle the adrenaline rush, we were welcomed by the smell of the sea, julangan-julangan mountain, sea view up again, from the blue to turn dark. And then also the surf and white sand, as well as pure air, which at any time enter the glass helmet full time-our upturned face.

Barely hit the cattle.

Otosia is in the middle between groups of rows. We occasionally poked forward, facing the meandering pathways, sometimes sharp and ride tutun Hill. Need extra ability to conquer the track riding in high speed conditions. We became addicted to maneuver due to the support of riding position handlebar clamp and a tasty to snaking and swept across.
But due to the nature of Aceh was struck by the architecture, the otosia had a chance to fall asleep and forget to test a R15 to work harder in order to get the objective question of their ability to maneuver, and accelerates, including pursuing the top speed.

Post-into the abyss with arcades of forest tracks and sharp turns, otosia try to swept across the distance between 2.4 and asphalt left 10 cm only.

We could do this foolishness and Yamaha to design the front-rear weight distribution of the motor barely half the front and half back (49,3% in future, 50,7 percent rear) make motor 150cc motorbike with power 16.5 hp is "benign" when controlled.

Modification Yamaha Vixion Ala Bulldog

August 17, 2014
Modification Yamaha Vixion Ala Bulldog
Modification Yamaha Vixion alerts 2008  Harga Yamaha Vega RR Juni 2014  this style accentuates the look of the front of the Bulldog, big and stout. In the change of the owner, Diek motornya Deck streetfighter concept, but for now this bike is not fully appear extreme.
"It's Still far from perfunctory extreme" wrote on the group's ownership of the Yamaha Vixion Modification.

In his statement, to achieve a change like this, the owner Harga Yamaha Force Agustus 2014  entrusted the work on the motor home modification changes Created Dedign. For normal use, completed approximately in 3 months.
As for the part that supports the realization of the motor this modification already discussed in previous articles. The most highlighted parts of the front and rear legs have a large and sturdy form.

Suzuki Celerio Is Ready To Replace The Role Of A Splash?

August 16, 2014
Suzuki Celerio Is Ready To Replace The Role Of A Splash?
After rumored to be showcased a car that Harga Honda Scoopy FI di Surabaya  became the mainstay of the Suzuki outside the country. Like Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki SX4, Suzuki Hustler. Rumored to be replacing Celario role Suzuki Splash in Indonesia. Why don't ya Otolovers?

"I don't know that (replacing the Red Splash), and certainly Harga Kawasaki Z250 Baru  the Suzuki Celerio has yet to be sold on the motor show (IIMS 2014), we just recently introduced her alone," said 4W Managing Director of PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) Seiji Itayama, at Senayan Jakarta, Wednesday (16/8/2014).

He also added a different engine capacity will both, making it hard to replace the Splash Celerio in Indonesia.

2 Days Only 1,200 units of Suzuki Sure Will Laris

August 16, 2014

2 Days Only 1,200 units of Suzuki Sure Will Laris .
Suzuki biggest party of 'Party Motomotif Harga Kawasaki Z800 Baru   Suzuki (POMS) 2014' which digealr 16 to 17 August 2014, can be considered to be a favorable event for Suzuki. Because PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) as an official Suzuki dealer sure would be able to sell 1,200 units in 2 days.

"Last year we managed to rake in sales to 1,884 units, while Harga Honda CBR 150R New di Indonesia our target is only 800 units. And this year we are targeting sales of up to 1,200 units in POMS 2014," said Director of Marketing and DND 4W PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales, Davy Tuilan in Senayan, Jakarta, Saturday (08/16/2014).

Not up there, Davy also adds to the event this time Suzuki Ertiga will be a variant of the most dominate sales.

"Sales are expected to be dominated by the sale of Ertiga that reaches 50 percent of sales, 15 percent to Wagon R, and the rest will be filled by other Suzuki model," said Davy.

The term POMS 2014, held in several cities in Indonesia. To begin the series, POMS, 2014 was held in Surabaya, East Java town who took the Eastern Plaza Parking location in Surabaya on 22 June 2014.

And momentum in line with the Republic of Indonesia independence day warning to 69, Events 2014 POMS in Jakarta was themed ' the independent ' Sensation.
A series of exciting events and programs have been completed in the venue this time. There are at least 11 programs and events that are presented to the public is ready the city of Jakarta and its surrounding areas, be they prospective consumers and consumer car Suzuki to add vibrant excitement of POMS 2014.

The prospective consumers can experience the thrill of driving pleasure with products of Suzuki's flagship car test drive, through programmes such as the Karimun Wagon R, Ertiga, Grand Vitara and other products.

When the prospective consumers want to buy products of Suzuki, at the 2014 event POMS is specifically provided trade in programs.

Commemorating Independence Day, Yamaha Launches New Motorcycle

August 16, 2014

Day of the Republic of Indonesia kemerdeaan staying another day. Intermittent 1 day after August 17, Yamaha Harga Kawasaki ER-6N Baru  Indonesia will launch its newest product for pecintannya in the country. 

When it is trying to ask, GM Marketing Communications & Harga Kawasaki Versys 650 Baru  Community Development Yamaha Indonesia, Eko Prabowo, still closing information. He just said wait and wait
adi unclear what will be the new bike Yamaha launched on 18 August. When asked whether it was a new bike in the segment of motor sport, automatic or duck, Eko is still reluctant to divulge.

"I can not talk. Tungu course, wait, yes," elaknya.

Previously, a lot of rumors saying PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing entering new motor application to the Ministry of Industry. There are two models that they register the coded motor Yamaha Yamaha DG20 and RN29. Well, if a new motor that will be launched next week the crew of one of the motor that has been registered with the Ministry of Industry?

But it's likely the motor is a motor scooter with new models. Like what roughly, Otolovers already know?


August 14, 2014
Pretty in a matter of a few days after the MotoGP Indianapolis, then the series XI ready brought a circuit of Brno, Czech Republic at the end of this week (17 Aug). Marquez successfully seized the podium Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI 2014  winning the tenth time, pleaded and asserted strong challenges also Yamaha.
Of course, you create a duet garputala fighter, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi. Performance racing M1 is indeed a Harga Yamaha R1 2014  significant effect when the Indianapolis GP. Unable to compete, bro. Further, some call Brno so synonymous with Yamaha. This refers to a record victory. There are claiming Sirkuitnya Yamaha.

No doubt will be a challenge for Marquez to misrepresent the opinions. "We never test at Brno about 1 month ago. Of course, the data that have been collected can help. Indeed historically, Yamaha is strong here. I will work hard from the exercise Friday up to raceday Sunday, "stated Marques.
What's more, Marquez had a special mission. What is it? As a step to break the record Marquez Giacomo Agostini (1970) a.k.a. samimawon the same thing with him was able to sign 10 wins in a row. Marquez wants 11 victory even more. We wish could come true Yes.