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Aqua, A New Toyota Prius Family Hatchback

September 26, 2014
Toyota Motor Corporation is finally open the mouth of reserved presence plan hybrid Toyota Prius hatchback version petite. Early last week Toyota car was officially introduced. In fact, the largest Harga Yamaha Xeon RC Biru  car manufacturer in the world it wil launch it in affirming the title Tokyo Motor Show 2011 which takes place 2 – December 11, upcoming.

"The Car in Japan named Aqua and the Prius C in the global market that began to be marketed in Japan in December and early 2012 in the world market," such a resounding statement of Toyota as reported .

The five-door Hatchback will be the new Member of the family in the Toyota Prius. That car will be the smallest variant d between existing variants.

Unfortunately, Toyota still has not Harga Yamaha R6 di Indonesia 2014 released many details of the car's specifications. The manufacturer mentions only, Aqua carrying 1,500 cc gasoline engine mated to an electric motor.
Conventional machines it is claimed is able to power up to 55kW menyeburkan at 4,800 rpm and torque of 111 Newton meters (Nm). As for the electric motor is called generate power up to 45 kW and torque 169Nm. "so that the total power hatchback that achieves 100 kW and torsinya reach the 280 Nm," sound of the statement.

The attraction offered that car is keiritannya in consuming fuel (BBM). Toyota claimed to be done, the results showed that only car FUEL consumption 4.7 litres for 100 kilometres or 1: 21,28 kilometers in the streets of the city are jammed.

In addition, small car hybrid that also will be equiped with bluetooth handsfree connection, audio control device placed on the periphery of the wheel, as well as nine airbags. In fact, Toyota promised to install multimedia device most later his results, that is the car's Entune.

Earlier, the Nikkei and Reuters wrote, named Aqua hybrid that would be the most efficient universal car. FUEL consumption on the streets could reach the local highway for a distance of 30 – 40 km.

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