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Modification Yamaha Vixion Ala Bulldog

August 17, 2014
Modification Yamaha Vixion Ala Bulldog
Modification Yamaha Vixion alerts 2008  Harga Yamaha Vega RR Juni 2014  this style accentuates the look of the front of the Bulldog, big and stout. In the change of the owner, Diek motornya Deck streetfighter concept, but for now this bike is not fully appear extreme.
"It's Still far from perfunctory extreme" wrote on the group's ownership of the Yamaha Vixion Modification.

In his statement, to achieve a change like this, the owner Harga Yamaha Force Agustus 2014  entrusted the work on the motor home modification changes Created Dedign. For normal use, completed approximately in 3 months.
As for the part that supports the realization of the motor this modification already discussed in previous articles. The most highlighted parts of the front and rear legs have a large and sturdy form.

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