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Test Yamaha YZF-R15, gradations of Flavor from the zero point Indonesia

August 17, 2014
Test this time was not unusual. Rather than simply place Spesifikasi dan Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Terbaru di Indonesia outside of Java, but also because it started in Sabang, where the zero point is the end of kilometers or Indonesia.

There is a sense that memercik-mercik also a Scorpion realize that Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Terbaru Agustus 2014 deliberately chose this place to start, and ends at Lake Toba, on May 20, which is the day of national revival.

What's more, we, consisting of 20 riders, sitting on top of the Yamaha YZF-R15, motor sport created in the country, made in Indonesia. In short, tucked a little sentimental sense of nationalism will be in this test.

Hodgepodge flavor.
Start of the Aceh Tsunami Museum trip will begin with Banda Aceh route Meulaboh, which is approximately 300 km.

Her own 1,200 km. After Meulaboh, otosia and others are through Blangpidie or Blang Pidie, Tapaktuan, Sabussalam, Parapat, Kabanjahe, Sidikilang aka Trike South of Sumatra, a favorite route for touring.

The first stage, the Banda Aceh Meulaboh, we deem reasonably represent overall for reviewing how the real capabilities of R15. Favorites? How does. The asphalt path stretching is still quite smooth. Meanwhile, the gradations of flavor will appear because after the track straight, we could suddenly struck with the U bend, U even more crooked again.
Any mixed feelings stir because in the midst of the battle the adrenaline rush, we were welcomed by the smell of the sea, julangan-julangan mountain, sea view up again, from the blue to turn dark. And then also the surf and white sand, as well as pure air, which at any time enter the glass helmet full time-our upturned face.

Barely hit the cattle.

Otosia is in the middle between groups of rows. We occasionally poked forward, facing the meandering pathways, sometimes sharp and ride tutun Hill. Need extra ability to conquer the track riding in high speed conditions. We became addicted to maneuver due to the support of riding position handlebar clamp and a tasty to snaking and swept across.
But due to the nature of Aceh was struck by the architecture, the otosia had a chance to fall asleep and forget to test a R15 to work harder in order to get the objective question of their ability to maneuver, and accelerates, including pursuing the top speed.

Post-into the abyss with arcades of forest tracks and sharp turns, otosia try to swept across the distance between 2.4 and asphalt left 10 cm only.

We could do this foolishness and Yamaha to design the front-rear weight distribution of the motor barely half the front and half back (49,3% in future, 50,7 percent rear) make motor 150cc motorbike with power 16.5 hp is "benign" when controlled.

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