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The Original Ninja 250 Armoured fz16

August 17, 2014
Display of Yamaha Fz16 changed drastically after the pinned body modifikator Kawasaki Ninja 250R is, his form so the more sporty and muscular. The impression of naked motorcycles Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX 2014 135cc Terbaru motorbike this seeming invisible altogether.

The owner, Zsuekhcry Rhya was deliberately  Harga Honda Spacy Terbaru di Wilayah Jawa timur changed the sports concept with motornya. To realize the motor modifications are desirable he was pinned full body fairing original Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

"A Full set of original Ninja 250R front fairing, rear body full set of original Ninja 250R and the speedometer is also original Ninja 250R. For the other part, Supplement, "wrote Rhya Yamaha Fz16 Modification group at.
About the cost and it's changes in motor repair shop, Zsuekhcry issued a cost of approximately USD $ 17 millions and surgical process done at Lamborghini motorcycle Yumna Motor, Pariaman, West Sumatra. As for the time the work was more or less finalized over the last three weeks.

Then to the specs in the details are pretty much following a row, part embedded in a Yamaha Fz16 changes are reviewed in a previous article.

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