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Yamaha Had the biggest Dealers in Medan

August 17, 2014
Yamaha Had the biggest Dealers in Medan
Yamaha Indonesia presents a large showroom in parts of North Sumatra. Yamaha outlets that was Harga Honda Blade 125 Kredit Murah  established riders Valentino Rossi, the world in 2010 is located at Jalan H Adam Malik Medan No. 34.

"Presenting the concept of the showroom is quite different and unique, the showroom is in Harga Honda Megapro FI Baru di  Jawa Tengah this Field is the largest in Indonesia," said Joni Lie, Manager of Motorsports and Promotion Division of PT Alfa Scorpii.

Joni Lie mentions, in 2010, while visiting and greet fans in Medan, racing driver nicknamed The Doctor the opportunity to inaugurate a central workshop and the Yamaha Showrom Racing Team Yamaha, which also provides service to the communities of Medan. Rossi after trying the internet in Central Yamaha, admiring the workshop facilities available at the workshop.
"It is remarkable that there are facilities in this workshop. Here there is a network of internet, television monitors, a cafe, and other supporting facilities. With facilities such as this should have been the drivers can perform optimally, "said Joni Lie, citing comments Rossi.

Valentino Rossi opened the workshop is the largest and one of the most comprehensive in Indonesia. The waiting room features a television monitor connected directly with the workspace mechanic, so consumers who use Yamaha technicians can see what is done to his motorcycle mechanic.

"All the facilities available to make the consumer feel comfortable while doing his motorcycle servicing," said Joni Lie.

Room available in spacious enough indeed Central Yamaha. Consumers are spoilt for choice with a variety of facilities in this showroom. As for some of the facilities listed here is a cafe, library, doorsmeer, internet services, service counters, the consultation and information section. On any part of the service consumers will be served by friendly staff in a Yamaha located at each counter.

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