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Yamaha X-Ride The Conquered Terrain Offroad Cikole

August 17, 2014
CIKOLE Yamaha X-Ride is the only scooter matic with high ground clearence similar mounts off road. Since the first released Yamaha Motor Harga Kawasaki Ninja Z1000 Model baru 2014 Manufacturing Indonesia (YIMM) 2013 then, Yamaha X-Ride gets good reception from Indonesia society. Not only to drive everyday, many also modifies motor became the "scratch your land" or the motorcycle off road.

Yamaha not only have racing road race around the track ramps, but offer different other Championships. With motor matic offroad style, Harga Yamaha R25 dan R15 Indonesia presents racing off road X-Race, the Yamaha X-Ride Adventure Challenge to accommodate the interest of its users.
Continue the successful X-Race I held mid last year. This time the forested mountains Cikole, Lembang, Bandung, West Java was chosen so the location test intrepid bikers the guts. The area is located just below Mount Tangkuban Perahu offers a different challenge in the appeal of the previous round.

"It's as proof that not only sells YIMM motor and thought of after sales only. But it also hosts the X-Ride users are fond of adventure. I am personally shocked by the development, many of the participants are already changing the X-Ride him be very feasible to do off road. Though of course there are still limitations, because the Yamaha X-Ride design not for pure off road, "said Eko Prabowo as GM Marketing Communication and Community Development Yamaha Indonesia.
In the future we will prepare for the next round of the time and place is still tentative. The input of the participants we can hold the next Race to X more fun again, "he added.

For two days, the participants presented the sensation of driving among the towering pine trees, as well as prove agility Yamaha X-Ride in the maneuver. Other obstacles include incline and derivatives that require extreme skill to prevailed. Interestingly, for X-Race II, this time there was a mobile unit doorprize Daihatsu Gran Max and Yamaha X-Ride for a champion in each class.

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